IEOM Training

We're IEOM. We provide knowledge-based and expert support to enable businesses expand into international markets.


We provide knowledge-based support and consulting services to help businesses of all sizes achieve and sustain their ambitions in international trade.

Important Notice - COVID-19

Due to the lockdown imposed by the Federal and State government limitations on physical gatherings, we have suspended/postponed all in-person training courses until further notice. While this is regrettable, we understand that these measures are in place to try to limit the further spread of the Coronavirus which has become a global pandemic.

Online Training Available

While we all #stayhome and #staysafe, you can still register for, and take any of our courses online from the comfort of your home or office.


Choose from a selection of intensive two-day workshops designed to get you up to speed on core topics directly. Depending on your work schedule, you might choose to take these modules as a one-off or tailor them to suit your work needs.