About IEOM

At IEOM, we're on a mission to support the increased participation of Nigerian businesses in International trade. It's something we've been committed to since 2014.

Who we are

We're are a membership organization set up to support Nigerian businesses to trade internationally. We have a strong focus on exports and non-oil exports in particular. 

As a trade support institution, our agenda is to create platforms for businesses like yours to access critical knowledge - and market intelligence - when you need it, to help you expand your business internationally.

What we do

At IEOM, we work to ensure that every exporter has the right knowledge, tools, and resources they need to make smart decisions about markets, service providers,  product quality. We also help businesses build their capacities to raise their standards of competence in any area of export business.

We do this by providing a varied bouquet of support services for exporters including training, advisory, and consulting services.

How we deliver

We build bridges.

IEOM brings together experts, practitioners, International trade experts, policy-makers, and academics to deliver on our goals, projects, and initiatives. We also partner with organizations across the country including higher institutions, government agencies, international organizations, trade finance providers, chambers of commerce among others.

We believe that boosting International trade in Nigeria requires a collaborative effort. It's our default way of delivering value to clients and stakeholders.

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